Gratitude11“Sharita Star is a teacher of exceptional clarity, comprehensive knowledge, and contagious enthusiasm. In her mastery of Astrology and Chaldean Numerology she is able to connect with her audience personally to make the information vibrant and totally applicable. She makes sure that each participant comes away excited and with a new uplifting vision of themselves.” ~Suzanne Gould, Co-Director, Crystal Wellness Center

“You were SO RIGHT about this retrograde. Thanks for the framework that’s helping keeping me grounded! Psychic Sharita!! Thank you.” ~Sarah, NY, NY

“You help us truly understand the pre-set course we are on.. and you provide the key to unlock the tools we all already have within us to navigate and sail through the fair and stormy winds with clarity…to just UNDERSTAND it all is everything!! land ho!!” ~Christine, New York

“First I would like to express my gratitude to Sharita since the first day we met. Based on our conversations I have learned much about myself. I have opened new doors (work in progress) and for that am eternally grateful. You explain things with such understanding that even a child can grasp the concept of learning, healing and staying positive especially under this MRx.” ~Maria, New York

“Having my personal reading before the summer of retrograde  was a huge help, and as such I believe that making strides this fall will be imperative to setting the foundation of success both professionally and personally moving forward. Also, thank you so much for recommending Megan!!!  I have been working with her nearly weekly this summer and the change has been huge.  She is amazing and I know that it is her work that has helped me come to a place where I feel like I can really focus on aligning my intentions with my actions.  She’s just been awesome and I can’t thank you enough for that recommendation.” ~Katie Dunlap, TX

“I have to say since I started following Sharita during the retrogrades, they’re not negative times anymore. I follow her suggestions and try to work with the energy rather than cave into the negativity.” ~Jill Sharp, Westerlo, NY

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