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The Summer of Surrender: Facebook Live 17 May

Are you looking forward to this summer Mercury Retrograde 2018? The chances are you heard this MRx can be a huge kerfuffle in a disturbance of the force.

Lewis and I give you oodles of tips and advice on how to successfully navigate this doozy of a time frame during summer mercury retrograde 2018.

Defining Mercury Retrograde

 Via Astrology, this recurring cycle favours finding reward in reflection. Mercury is The Messenger, naturally guiding our communications, thinking, mindset and adaptability in life. Equally, movement in our lives whether it be through transportation, electricity, the internet, or information- these all connect to our inner planet, Mercury.

When “Retrograde” Mercury backtracks in measured astrological degrees of the current zodiac sign he is in -and while the astronomer will tell you it this only an illusion- the motion of his orbit isn’t moving forward either. This passage in time causes apparent “tricks” to display themselves through extreme and sudden change, upset, shift, and inconvenience to be seen within the world. Most people “fear” and dislike the natural energy surrounding this regular astrological transit, whether you’re already aware of it or not.

MRxDatesBusiness18.19To Challenge or Not to Challenge?

~ Create Mindful Mercury Retrograde Passages
~ Utilize Patience & Find Reward
~ Recognize the Power of Reflection
~ Remove the fears that surround “MRx” transits
~ Be Prepared & Enjoy Embracing Change

Summer of Surrender 2018

We will all want to remember to NOT challenge Mercury during the next retrograde.

Why may you ask?  Of course, you should ask!

Yes, while the year’s first Mercury Retrograde is over April 15/18, there will be no time like the present during late April, May & early June to take the necessary time to become prepared adequately for Summer 2018.

Our summer season is energetically riddled with inner planet retrogrades intertwined with three intense eclipses!  What do you NEED TO KNOW?

Mars Retrograde 26 June to 27 August

Eclipse Season 12 July to 11 August

Mercury Retrograde 26 July to 19 August

Whatever you THINK you are starting this summer to unfold in success, the time is NOW to be well aware of your intentions and how you will take advantage of this Summer of Surrender versus getting caught up in inevitable tension and frustration.


The summer of 2018 will most definitely be a summer of surrender.  Just go with the flow.

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Preparing for a Mercury Retrograde Summer 2017


Live Event on Facebook with

Lewis Mabee Spiritual


Lewis Mabee & Sharita Star

Should your schedule permit, please join us on the Facebook livestream, Wednesday, 28 June. I am honored to be joining Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach Lewis Mabee for a hearty discussion about how you can be best prepared for our promised changing times during Summer 2017.

2017’s 3rd Mercury Retrograde | 12 Aug to 05 Sept


WATCH: Preparing for Mercury Retrograde Summer 2017

Whether for personal peace of mind or business efficiency, if you are not in awareness of one of astrology’s most valuable timing is everything tips, you can save yourself from plenty of frustration this August. There is a wealth of important information to attain about how you can be Mastering Mercury Retrograde, a critical cycle to understand that requests you honor review and reassessment verses implementing forward motion.

Our next cycle comes up 12 August to 05 September, which will also be intertwined with 2 powerful Eclipses. Whatever your personal or business plans are during this time, understanding the dos & don’ts during astrology’s regular cycle of reflection are quintessential in order to create your success and possess peace of mind.

2017 has certainly delivered its’ promise of engaging us in pivotal energy and challenging cycles. Summer 2017 will equally offer up more surprises, especially as August arrives as the years’ 3rd Mercury Retrograde begins upon the 12th. It will be another undeniable time to truly check in and be prepared to take care of our spirit from within. Knowing what areas of our lives the next MRx will cycle in personal reflection alongside potent Lunar & Solar Eclipses during August is critical “timing is everything” advice. Being properly prepared in a keen awareness of where we can expect natural changes and adjustments to occur the most, allows for us to successfully work with the energy, rather than against it.

We’ll be able to take your questions and comments live on the air. Please be sure if Facebook is your avenue of social media, find us LIVE at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific on the evening of 28th June!


WATCH: Preparing for Mercury Retrograde Summer 2017

Redefining Your Mercury Retrograde Beliefs

MRxNYTimes.SharitaStarNew York Times writer Kristin Dombek should be given all the credit in the world for bringing more awareness of  Mercury Retrograde into the public eye with her article, Retrograde Beliefs, published 09 January 2015 in The New York Times Magazine. We only wished she did a little more homework with an astrologer that helped her understand the cycle’s actual requests.

Comment No. 21:

What people do not understand about Mercury Retrograde is that it is first and foremost, a cycle of reflection if you have a good astrologer helping you to use the passage to your advantage within your life. That’s it. There need not be fear, or “freaking out” about what is energetically happening from this absolutely yes “illusion” from astronomy’s point of view. If you aren’t a person that can have fun with flexibility, you tend to feel resistance under any Mercury Retrograde cycle.

No matter what, astrology will see through the illusion and measures Mercury under any Retrograde to go “backwards” in his degrees within the Zodiac. All planets do this periodically. Retrograde asks us to consciously take time to review & renew, and be just a bit more mindful about decisions for our future. Mercury’s Retrograding hours over one year’s time also equals the same number of hours we sleep on average over 1 calendar year.

By the way, just a complete astrological side note. Do your timing research and when “MRx” was happening throughout history and you’ll discover the infamous “unsinkable ship” The Titanic sank under a Mercury Retrograde cycle- and communications where more than “askew” upon that unfortunate journey. “Oddly” out of all the major money players of that day and age, J.P. Morgan, was not aboard as originally planned, due to advice from Astrologer Evangeline Adams. Perhaps you’ve heard his famous quote:

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

~Sharita Star, 10 January 2015

Are You Properly Prepared for 2017’s Mercury Retrogrades?

And Will You Say?

“I Have & I AM Mastering Mercury Retrograde!”