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No matter what zodiac sign you are, any Mercury Retrograde cycle asks you to honor reflection in a different area of your life whenever they reoccur. I always provide complimentary information every Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshop for your Sun Sign that points to one recommended area of life to focus upon to receive the benefits of review, retreat, recharge, and reconsideration.

Mastering Mercury Retrograde One on One

The more intimate picture of how every Mercury Retrograde affects you is gained when a natal birth chart is cast from your full DOB, time and place. Here is where your birthday becomes the very map that is utilized in order for you to gain your keys to success for all the ways astrology is able to align peace of mind in your changing times. As it is my specialty, you’ll also learn how Mercury’s reflection requests coincide with your current numerological forecast.

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Sit down with me from anywhere in the world and learn why YOUR Map via astrology & numerology is the perfect way to receive your best rewards from any given  Mercury Retrograde cycle. Each of the 12 areas of a natal chart provide guidance for specific areas of our lives: our approaches to it;  the values & possessions we carry; our communications;  our home & family; our creativity energy; our health, habits & abilities to serve; our partnerships; our wealth & regenerative abilities; our beliefs & philosophies; our career & public life; our socialization, hopes & future goals, and our inner healing, dreams & subconscious processes.

Where does the next Mercury Retrograde want YOU to reflect for your rewards?

What other cycles equally are playing out within your current forecast?

MercuryRxChart.SharitaStar For the example listed here, this “Gemini Star Client” had Mercury Retrograde  17 Sept to 09 Oct 2015 occurring in their 1st house, the area that determines their approaches to life and how the world ultimately receives their appearance along with their first impressions within any given situation. In essence, as we see Mercury starting to retrograde, here is the area of life that wishes for this soul to take their reflections to heart the most as Mercury reverses his direction in Libra.

As the cycle ended 09 October 2015 at 01 degrees Libra, via transit Mercury stationed in their 12th house of the inner process, revealing powerful revelations to begin taking on life in a completely different way.

Other Questions to ask under any Mercury Retrograde:

What natal planets in my chart is Mercury conversing with to help me gain insight for my now?

What other areas of my life are being asked to join in this reflecting conversation?

How will the current New and Full Moon cycles work with this particular Mercury Retrograde as they ask for beginnings and conclusions?

Looking at our “Star Client” from the collective perspective via their Gemini Sun Sign, they would equally benefit from time spent to reconsider what their creative nature and/or physical children in the life need to help bring a better sense of awareness and enrichment to their present life.

 What does Mercury Retrograde 26 July to 19 August want YOU to reflect upon for rewards?

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