Live Workshop in Bronx, NY 16 June

Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshop

Aligning Peace of Mind: The Summer of Surrender

One of the many values Astrology provides is not only a road map of our free will’s potential character and soul essence, but another kind of road map that equally relates our choices, concerning how timing itself can play out for our free will. Via Astrology, one recurring cycle called Mercury Retrograde favours finding reward in reflection. Summer 2018 marks the next request of the infamous “MRx.”

Mercury is The Messenger, naturally guiding our communications, thinking, mindset and adaptability in life. Equally, movement in our lives whether it be through transportation, electricity, the internet, or information- these all connect to our inner planet, Mercury.

When “Retrograde” Mercury backtracks in measured astrological degrees of the current zodiac sign he is in -and while the astronomer will tell you it this only an illusion- the motion of his orbit isn’t moving forward either. This passage in time causes apparent “tricks” to display themselves through extreme and sudden change, upset, shift, and inconvenience to be seen within the world. Most people “fear” and dislike the natural energy surrounding this regular astrological transit, whether you’re already aware of it or not.

Especially this Summer 2018, as from Mercury Retrograde, we will have a few other planetary cycles to be well aware of, all making their intense promises to be equally engaged in the absolute demand of our reflective attention. We must be prepared.

You’ll take away:

1. Awareness of the benefits Mercury Retrograde passages are here to give to us.

2. Validation of why this Mercury Retrograde cycle is VERY different from the last.

3. Empowerment to know embracing the space of reconsideration is where reward is found.

4. Timing tips and tools to plan and schedule for success during the entire passage.

5. The best courses of action to take so you can thrive under Mercury Retrograde.

6. Workshop manual, your ultimate guide to REREAD for optimal results.

What You’ll Need TO DO before class:

1. By Registration Deadline 10 JUNE, furnish your Full DOB, Time & Place so your natal birthchart can be cast prior to and utilized for your personalized session after the workshop. Email to:

2. By Registration Deadline 10 JUNE, prepay to RSVP your secure spot in the workshop only or combo workshop/private intro reading through the pay pal links of your choice, provided below.

3. Spend time familiarizing yourself with Mars Retrograde 26 June to 27 August and 2018 Feeling the Feminine. These will be helpful to begin your journey of understanding what the energetic pulse is of 2018 overall, as well as prior awareness of another inner planet retrograde we will be discussing in depth within the workshop. Take time to connect with the symbols for the zodiac signs and the planets either on the *iphone’s Astrology Numerology Wheel* or The Star Secrets Wheel. This will be extra helpful especially after class as we look at your natal birth chart. While plenty of notes will be provided, your level of “prep work” prior to class will only accelerate your learning and comprehension during it.

$60 Workshop & Personal Session

BUYNOW Workshop & Private Session 03 june

$30 Workshop ONLY

BUYNOW Workshop ONLY 03 June

Saturday, 16 June 2018, 10am- 2pm
Jen’s Healing Energy
2971 Coddington Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461


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