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How Can Your Business THRIVE during A Cycle of Reflection? 

Don’t let YOUR BUSINESS be taken by surprise!

2018’s First Mercury Retrograde is 22 March to 15 April 2018.

“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin


Prepare Your Business & Master Mercury Retrograde

Do your timing research and when Mercury Retrograde has been in affect throughout history and you’ll discover the infamous “unsinkable ship” The Titanic sank under a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Communications were more than “askew” upon that unfortunate journey. “Oddly” out of all the major money players of that day and age, one was not aboard as originally planned, due to  advice from Astrologer Evangeline Adams. Perhaps you’ve heard his famous quote:

pierpont-morgan-1881_0“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” ~J.P. Morgan

 TimeLeeIaccoca     Business Respect for Astrology & it’s Cycles.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of cycles. You’d better try to understand them, because all of your timing and often your luck is tied up in them.” ~Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca

 Increase Your Business Performance. Timing is Everything.

For any small or large business, group or organization, being aware of what Mercury Retrograde requests is absolutely critical during it’s recurring cycle of reflection  in order to reap success verses failure and frustration as it naturally creates changes and typical upsets in our workplace.

Over 1/3 of any business year is spent in Retrograde cycles!MRxDatesBusiness18.19


Allow me to work with your team so they can gain perspective on our frequent Mercury Retrograde cycles and how they undeniably affect your business. As cycles of reflection and reassessment are observed, we hold the keys for making important decisions and possess an ultimate planning guide. Implementing the power of lunar cycles equally affects your workspace and the productivity of your business.

Knowing the ideal times to properly initiate new business projects, agreements as well as value “timeouts” for reflection, has been practiced through the eyes astrology’s cycles for centuries. Become empowered and attain peace of mind to anticipate change, plan ahead and schedule accordingly for all of your business’s keys to success.

Bear witness & have your entire team…

Maximize their time, communications and cooperation.

Experience efficiency instead of aggravation.

Recognize their co-workers with greater respect.

Cultivate mindfulness overall.

Understand the best places to focus their productivity upon for results.

Receive peace of mind.

Yield to reflection, rejuvenation and recharge for their keys to success.

Your exceptional team deserves to receive their just rewards!



“I want my team to Master Mercury Retrograde!”


Prepare & Master Mercury Retrograde

Increase Your Business Performance.  Timing is Everything.


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