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Astrologer, Numerologist, Speaker & Author Sharita Star’s mission guides and supports people and businesses from all over the world in translating the tools of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams into a simple, yet powerful life map for achieving success. Looking to names and birthdays, she awakens any free will to open the door to their guidance, insight, faith and truth. Her one of a kind consultations allow anyone to begin manifesting their life through their unique path of deliberate creation, rather than tolerating life in default.

As a Radio/TV Personality, her weekly forecast Empowerscopes is heard on-demand through Empower Radio, and she produced What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number! on WBCR-LP from 2009 to 2013, as well as the HeyZRadio Network from 2014 to 2015.  Sharita has been a celebrated guest on countless hours of radio since 2007, in where her sought after on the spot readings entice any listening audience. She has appeared on numerous television programs including PBS’s  A House for Arts: Spooky, The Grace Grella Show,  and True Talk.

It’s All in the Name is Sharita’s first book about the topic of lexigrams, which invites us all to learn how we can spell out the truth from our words, names and titles. Currently Sharita is a contributing author for Relationship Transformation & Development  and has been featured columnist in Astrostar.com, Bellesprit Magazine; O, People.com, Women’s Health Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Ezine Articles, Millbrook Independent, The Utica Phoenix, Hudson Magazine, and the National Examiner.

As cycles constantly circulate within our lives, Sharita helps people benefit and thrive during our times of reflection through her ongoing Mastering Mercury Retrograde program. Both her in person and teleseminar workshops enlighten students with awareness tools creating the shift from fear and frustration to discover and embrace the recurring cycle’s personal empowerment instead. The ongoing workshops are all part of the content currently being researched for her second book, Mastering Mercury Retrograde.

Her new Astrology & Numerology Wheel application is now available on iTunes. You already hold the keys to your success and personal empowerment. Your name and birthday simply, unlock the door at sharitastar.com.

The Benefits You Receive Working with Sharita…

“Sharita Star, you have such a great way of putting things into terms we can all understand. I’ve read some books over the years and various articles, others don’t explain it the way you do and your way of presenting your understanding is very helpful.  You simplify astrology.” ~Psychic Medium Ada May Brown, Natural Listening

“Sharita is a tremendous energy and her knowledge amazing. She is, by far, the best I have ever been to.”
~Lindsay LeBrecht, Copake Lake Realty

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Sharita and her astrological and numerological insight are something to behold. If you’ve never had a session, make it happen. You won’t regret it!”
~Steve Beeson, Skytown Entertainment

“Working with Sharita is an awesome experience. I thank her for going on this journey with me and enlightening me to new possibilities, as well as reassuring me of some other frustrations. She is wonderfully gifted and again I thank her for sharing her talents with me. The recording and charts were very helpful afterwards. I had taken pretty good notes, but it was great to get to hear it all again while looking at the chart. In short, I had a blast!”
~Adrienne Summa, Actress

“Sharita is my link to all things mystical. When life gets hectic and confusing, her readings are very clarifying.  They have served to help ground me in my own knowing and her insights, always constructive and positive, reaffirm that inner knowledge.  She has a unique talent and deep understanding of her craft and is a great coach. Thanks, as always, Sharita.”
~Lisa Jarvis, Fine Furniture & Accessories

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